Traumatic feelings in Urdu poetry


  • Dr. Samina Gul Urdu Department University of Lahore Sargodha Campus
  • Dr.Ghulam Akbar Associate Professor Department Of Persian GC Universty Lahore


Trauma, schizophrenic conditions, Feelings, Himan moods, Urdu Poetry


Trauma and life! They are integral to the human mood without which all the colors of life cannot be seen, without happiness there is sorrow and without sorrow, the feeling of joy remains incomplete. Every grief is complemented by and sorrow is complemented by happiness, but accidents lead human life to such shocks, that life becomes meaningless. But when a sudden accident occurs with severe effects such accidental events affect human life and mood and cause a mental state like trauma.

In the ancient poetry of Urdu, from the Deccan period to modern poetry, psychological conflicts and traumas are prominent. Where their belief and assumptions make them feel in a state of certainty and uncertainty, the clash between them shows the paths of confusion and difficulties. In such a way, the medium of expression plays a positive role. Creators not only saved the environment from pollution with their creative literature but also marked the changing angles of human mood.


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