About the Journal


Online ISSN: 2073-3674       

 Zaban-o-Adab is a research journal of Urdu Department Govt College University Faisal Adab.it’s approved by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.It promotes research about urdu literatue and language.It motivates researchers to find new dimension of various literary texts. Articles are published after peer review by experts.It’s publishes twice a year.

1.Authors are entitled to 1 free copy of the issue in which their articles appear.
2.Article should be typed in font Times New Roman, size 12.
3.Three hard copies of the Article should be submitted in double space throughout including notes with ample margins. Pages, including those containing instructions, diagrams or tables should be numbered consecutively.
4.Article should also be submitted through email in the typed script and subject of the e-mail should be labeled with; “Article for ZABAN O ADAB”.
5.The article should confirm the Journal style outline below any figures and tables must be clearly produced ready for photographic reproduction.
6.The source should be given below the table.
7.Each article should be submitted with an abstract of maximum 200 words in length.
8. Each article should be submitted unpublished. An assurance certificate will be required in this regard..
9.Articles are published in without any charges.
10. “Zaban-o-Adab” Published twice a year and 15 articles are Published in a volume.
11. Al least 3 research articles of foreign scholars are published in “Zuban-o-Adab”.
12. Research articles are published in after peer review.
13. Research articles are published in after checking Plagiarism.
14. “Zaban-o-Adab” allow the authors to hold the copyright without restrictions.