• Dr. Irfan Tauheed Assistant Professor of Urdu, Dept. of Urdu, Lahore Leads University ,Lahore
  • Muhammad Hafeez Ph.D Scholar, Department of Urdu, Govt. College University, Faisalabad


Urdu Literature, Autobiography, Social, Political, Perspective


Dr. Saleem Akhtar has been a multi-faceted personality of Urdu Language and Literature who has made very important contributions in Criticism and Literature of Urdu. His services in many fields in Urdu Literature as a critic, translator, satirist and short story writer. He presented many new ideas in Criticism.In the article under consideration, the author has coded social and political situation in his autobiography. The approach is research oriented. Moreover, this scribe has examined Dr. Saleem Akhtar's autobiography in the light of his art and the way he generally takes up his subjects. Dr. Saleem Akhtar has tried to remain objective and balanced in this regard.


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