Sabih Rahmani's critical insight

(In the light of Editorials of ‘Naat Rang’)


  • Dr. Abrar Abdulsalam Professor, Department of Urdu, Emerson University, Multan


SabeehRahmani, Naat, Criticism of Naat, Critical Consciousness, Naat Rang, Editorials, Imitationism, Need for Criticism of Naat, Importance, Social Service


Hundreds of literary magazines have been published with reference to creative, analytical, and critical aspects of Urdu literature’s tradition which encompasses a period of more than a century. Many names come up with reference to na’at among these magazines. One such important name is ‘Na’at Rung’ also. ‘Na’at Rung’ is a unique literary magazine/ Research Journal regarding ‘na’atia adab’, wherein articles and creative writings about various aspects of na’at are published. The purpose of publishing this magazine/journal was to promote critical appreciation of na’at. Articles published in this journal are not only playing an important role in the promotion of critical appreciation of na’at but the editorials of thismagazine/ journal’s editor, Sabeeh Rehmani, have an important value with reference to critical evaluation/ appreciation. Important discussions/debates with reference to critical appreciation of na’at are present in the editorials of 30 editions of ‘Na’at Rung’. Analysis of various aspects of these discussions/debates in the editorials of ‘Na’at Rung’, and the literary and critical intellect/wisdom of the magazine/journal’s editor, Sabeeh Rehmani, has been made in this research paper.


? ‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 27, December 2017, Page 11

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 4, May 1997, Page 12

As above

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 2, December 1995, Page 9

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 25, August 2015, Page 47

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 23, August 2012, Page 12

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 26, December 2016, Page 9

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 29, October 2019, Page 7

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 28, November 2018, Page 8

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 29, October 2019, Page 8

Maktabi aur tehzeebi tanqeed, Waris Alvi, Shair-o-Himat, Haidar Abad, Shumara

‘Naat Rang’ Shumara No. 17, November 2004, Page 10



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