Early Form Of Urdu Fiction And Reflection Of Western Civilization


  • Dr. Salman Ali Urdu Department University of Peshawer
  • Muhammad Naeem Ph.D Scholar, Dept of Urdu, University of Peshawar


Urdu, Fiction, western civilization, Prem chand, Sultan Haider Josh


In Urdu fiction, along with the novel, short fiction also gained acceptance from its initial appearance. The early writers of Urdu fiction adopted the corrective aspect and on the one hand reflected the Indian indigenous culture and environment and on the other hand the Western civilization prevalent due to the presence of British imperialism in the Indian subcontinent and the development of Western countries and their technology. Also provided highlights. This wave of elements of Western civilization and its growing trend in Indian society can be seen initially with prominent examples in the fictions of Prem Chand, Sajjad Haider Yaldirim and Sultan Haider Josh.


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