A Comparative Study of Elucidations of Ghalib's Mystical Poetry


  • Dr. Afzal Hameed Associate professor Urdu Department G C University, Faisal Abad
  • Khalil Anjum PhD Scholar, Department of Urdu, Govt College University, Faisalabad


Ghalib, Mystical verses, religion, interpretation, comparison


Ghalib’s mystical verses are very important for understanding his religious thoughts. Usually, these verses are complicated to explain.To understand his religious philosophy; many expositors are trying to perceive this and have given their interpretations. So, a comparative study of these explanations is also a very important in order to more and more suasion the theories of Ghalib.This article will be reviewed a critical and comparative study between those commentators who have chosen the mysticism of Ghalib. In this regards, three interpretations will be given more importance which are as follows, ‘Ghalib aur Wahdat ul Wajood’, ‘Phalsphy e Ghalib’ and ‘Ghalib aur Tasawuf’.” 


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