Hallucinatory realism in the short stories of Mrs. Abdulqadir and Qurratulaein Haider


  • Tanveer-ul-Islam PhDUrdu Scholar International Islamic University Islamabad
  • Dr.Kamran Abbas Kazmi Assistant Professor, Department of Urdu, International Islamic University Islamabad


Mrs Abdu qadir, Qurratulaeinhaider, Hallucinatory Realism, Short Story, Mytth


Hallucinatory realism is a new narrative technique that came into the limelight after Moyan won the Noble prize for Literature in 2012.All the tools of this technique,not as a technique,but have been used frequently by various Urdu fiction writers.

The elements of this technique are used extensively in the fictions of Mrs AbdulQadir and Qurat-ul-Ain Haider.The chronological age of these fiction writers indicates that before this technique reached the global horizon,the early Urdu fiction writers and the 21stcentury,its traces are also found in the fiction.


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