Analytical Study of Nasera Sharma’s Novel “Shalmali”


  • Nasreen Ruby PhD Scholar, Department of Urdu, BZU Multan
  • Dr. Muhammad Khawar Nawazish Associate Professor, Department of Urdu, BZU Multan


Novel, indian woman, Maried life, Urdu Fition, Society


Nasera Sharma is one of the most celebrated contemporary novelists of India. She is an enlightened woman who hailed from a Muslim Indian Family but married into a Hindu family and nurtured religious harmony in her work like her name. Nasera Sharma made various aspects of Indian society and especially the social status of women, the subject of her novels. Her novel “Shalmali” was published in 1988 and has won various literary awards. In this novel, Nasera Sharma has presented the subject of the bitterness and mental conflict of a woman's married life. At the same time, it has also represented the mental tendencies of the men of the Indian society. In this article Shalamali's analytical study is presented, which reveals that despite the border between India and Pakistan, women are living their private lives with similar mental conditions in the male-dominated society on both sides.


Nasera Sharma was born on August 22, 1948 in Allahabad



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