A Research Study of "Sanskrit Urdu Lughat " and study of Sanskrit as Eastern Poetics


  • Dr. jamil-ur-rehman Department of Urdu, Punjab curriculum & Text Book Board, Lahore
  • Dr. Abid Khurshid Assistant Professor, Ghazi University, Dera Ghazi Khan


Linguistics, Sanskrit, Biraj Bhasha, Old Civilization, Diction, Etymology, Semanyics, Prakrit, Plautus, Structure


Prof Dr. Mohammad Ansar Ullah has compiled a dictionary namely “Sanskrit Urdu Luaghat” that is a great work to understand the relationship of different languages of different ages of different areas. Sanskrit is a primitive language of subcontinent that remained the language of religious aristocracy and dogma. With the passage of time its usage became limited. Sanskrit has a great influence on local languages and Urdu too. In this article it has been tried to understand number of words that are commonly used and understood in Urdu and other languages at local level.

Moreover , Poetics of Sansikrat have been discussed by the great linguist Dr Gopi chand Narang,  he has claimed in his writings that Eastern scholars had already presented their valuable thoughts about the basic concepts of linguistics but no one has acknowledged in the presence of Western thoughts namely "Magharbi sheryaat", likewise Amber Bharanchi has also added and elaborated the  versatility of Sansikrat as a language and literature.   


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