Duality of the fictional characters of Ghulam Abbas

(Solid Example of Social Realism)


  • Dr Khawer Nawazish Assistant professor BZU , Multan


Shory Story, Duality, Duplicity, Characters, Fictional, Hypocrisy, Deception


Ghulam Abbas (1909-1982) is one of the leading Urdu short story writers whose fiction is a powerful example of social realism. He devoted a lot of energy in crafting of his fictional writings. More importantly, Ghulam Abbas did not adopt the line of protest or resistance like his contemporaries, but adopted the attitude of reconciliation with the duality, hypocrisy and deception of the human personality because he believed that all these things and attitudes have become essential, so they need empathy and acceptance. It is as if Ghulam Abbas is not only guilty of sin but also of dishonesty in committing sins. This article discusses the duality and deception in the characters of Ghulam Abbas's short stories and presents it as a great example of social realism.


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