Waris Alvi as a Critic of Manto

in the light of “Manto aik Mutalea”


  • Professor Dr. Robina Shaheen Professor, Dept. of Urdu, University of Peshawar
  • Dr. Antal Zia Assistant Professor, Dept. of Urdu, Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Women University, Peshawar Email:


Waris Alvi, is a well-known Urdu critic with a remarkably different take on literature from that of his contemporary critics and a style of writing devoid of scholarly airs. Far away from the known centres of Urdu in India, he lives in Ahmadabad, writing both in Urdu and Gujrati. Alvi talks about those short story writers who wrote with an acute awareness, highlighting social realities, human vagaries and inherent human tragedies. These writers, he says, were not opposed to social realism.

Waris Alvi is a big name in Urdu criticism. With regard to the critical profession, he did not belong to a single ideology, but benefited from different critical ideologies, and thus he has a mixed attitude. Although Waris Alavi examines and presents his subject with great logic and attention, but this balance is not maintained in the case of Manto. Waris Alavi's attitude has been one of devotion and love for Manto, so he has also presented the limitations and weaknesses of Manto as a masterpiece.


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