Islamic Elements in Molvi Nazeer Ahmad's Novel “Ibnul Waqt”


  • Kaniz Fatima Scholar Phd of Urdu, Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad. E-mail:
  • Dr. Rukhsana Bibi Assistant Professor / Coordinator Dean Faculty of Humanities and Languages, Govt. College Women University, Faisalabad.


Molvi Nazeer Ahmad, ibnul waqt, Islamic Factor, Islamic culture and civilization, Islamic ideology, Hujjatul Islam


As a novelist, Molvi Nazir Ahmad was a reformist. His novels highlight Islamic civilization and culture. Islamic teachings have been advocated frequently in “ibn-ul-Waqt”. One the one hand, it presents the conflict between western and Islamic civilization, on the other hand, Islamic trends and their universal significance have been propagated through the characters like “Hujjatul Islam” the religions touch is so prominent in Molvi Nazir Ahmad’s novel that it involves the whole atmosphere into Islamic hue. This essay / article is an attempt at analyzing the Islamic trend of his novel Ibn-ul-Waqt.


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