Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s Concept of Reformation of Civilization and the Muslim World


  • Dr. Rifat Choudhry Lecturer, GC Women University Sialkot
  • Dr. Muhammad Afzaal Butt Dean Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, GC Women University Sialkot


Allama Iqbal, Practical Struggle, Realism, Predictions, Reformation of Civilization


Allama Muhammad Iqbal’s message for the Muslims is practical struggle and that message is actually the emblem of this research topic. Because the kind of society in which Iqbal has purposed in his work for the world and for the Muslims in particular, has last in so many vague ways and directions. The researchers of Iqbal have tried a lot to understand the girth of his thoughts but they have never strived to know to what extent these thoughts of realism have benefited us in current civilized and developed age. This research work will try to divulge all those forgotten or lost factors which could play a vital role in our progress.


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