An Overview of the 21st Century Urdu Novel


  • Misbah Munir Scholar, Department of Urdu, GC Women University, Sialkot.
  • Dr. Sabina Awais Assistant Prof. Department of Urdu, GC Women University, Sialkot.


Century, Genre, Revolution, Restored, Brief, Dormant, Composed, Approach, Method, Design, Characters, Introduced.


In 21st Century the genre of Urdu is in its revolution period which is a piece of its development. It restored after a brief time of dormant.

In Pakistan, after the Year 2000AD, many Urdu novels has been composed. Another style, approach, method, design and characters of Urdu novels introduced in 21st century.  In this essay the novel of 21st century is discussed. The modern trends which are adopted by writers are also studied. The thematic and stylistic techniques are also discussed in this essay. Prominent Urdu novelist are writing good novel in present era. Their’s 21st century work is appreciable. The introduction of an important novels is also given in following essay.


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