Eco-criticism in the poetry of Muneer Naizi


  • Dr. Naeem Mazhar Associate professor Urdu Department NUML
  • Muhammad Basharat Ph.D Scholar, Dept. of Urdu, NUML, Islamabad


Western Literature, Promotes, Culture, Philosopher, Movement, Reflected, Natural


This research paper aims to highlight the different aspects of Ecocriticism in the poetry of Munir Niazi. The top 11 poetry books of Munir Niazi are selected to analyses the key features of Ecocriticism. The study reveals that Munir Niazi is the poet who reflected his environment, his surroundings and the natural scenes around him more than any of his contemporary poets. The diction and theme of his poetry is very much in accordance with the topic under discussion. The poetry of Munir Niazi is truly a valuable document on Ecocriticism. Munir Niazi is a leading poet in Urdu language who served the topic in an efficient way.


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