The Qualities of Urdu Script:An Research Analysis


  • Dr Muhammad Arshad Ovaisi Head of Urdu Department, Garrison University Lahore
  • Haroon PH.D SCHOLAR, Department of Urdu Lahore Garrison Univesity,Lahore.


Script, Cultural, Aspects, Structure, Aesthetical, Charm.


Different kinds of writing scripts are being used in the world to represent Different languages. These scripts have deep emotional, cultural and conventional  relations with their societies and languages. The validity , usefulness, smartness and effectiveness have been  Judged by different techniques, methods and aesthetical aspects. Urdu script is known   as one of artistic miracles. That has marvelous charm, attraction and wondrous structure. Urdu script has obtained the highest and glorious peak of fame, expansion and     reliability.   In this research article an effort has been made to express aesthetical charm, scope and   benefits of Urdu script     (Jameel Noori Nastaleeq).


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