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Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a multi-dimensional personality have huge contributions to Urdu literature. He has a book on his credit named Tazkera-e-Ehl-e-Delhi. This article it is discussed the tradition of Tazkira Naveesi in Urdu. Meer Taqi Meer, Qaem changuzi, Qudrat Allah Qasimi Haider Bax Haidri, and Azad also contributed to this field, this article explains the relationship between Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and Iman Bux Sehbeie.


Other topics in "Tazir Ahl-e-Delhi" are as follows:

Urdu Zaban Ki Bayan Mein, Pg 13-19

Shah Cha Cha Abad kay Logon Ka Bayan, Pg 20

In this regard, kabar mashaikhin has been mentioned. These include the following:

Shah Ghulam Ali, Maulana Shah Abu Saeed, Maulana Shah Ahmad Saeed, Shah Abdul Ghani, Shah Mohammad Afaq, Alaeddin Ahmed, Maulana Mohammad Fakhruddin, Maulana Qutbuddin, Ghulam Nasireen Arf Kali Sahib, Khawaja Mohammad Nasir, Mawlavi Yusuf Ali, Shah Ghayath Al-Din, Shah Sabir Bakhsh, Mirmohammadi, Miran Shah Nano, Shah Jalal, Maulana Mohammad Hayyat, Sayed Ahmed.

The following elders are mentioned under the title of Rasul Shahi:

Rasool Shah, Mawlawi Shah Hanif, Shah Fida Hussain.

Under the heading of "Statement of the Mujazubs", the following persons are introduced:

Syed Askari, Mir Qutbi, Shah Abdulnab, Mirrahmaddiwana, Ali Shah, Khanem, Bai Jee, Ghulam Ali

Zikr of the scholars of Dhu'i al-Mujad and Respect:

Here are the names of the scholars mentioned under the above sub-heading:

Maulana Molavi Shah Abdul Aziz, Mawlana Molavi Mohammad Sadruddin, Moulana Rashiduddin Khak, Mawlana Shah Rafiuddin, Moulavi Khosas Allah, Moulavi Abdul Qadir, Maulana Molavi Abdul Hai, Moulavi Muhammad Isma'il, Maulana Mohammad Ishaq, Maulana Moulavi Muhammad Yaqub, Maulana Nawab Qutb al-Din Khan, Moulavi Abdul Khaliq, Molavi Nazirhossain, Moulavi Mahboob Ali, Molavi Nasiruddin, Moulavi Karim Allah, Maulana Fadl Imam, Mohammad Noor Alhassan, Molavi Karamat Ali, Molavi Mamluk Ali, Mufti Seyed Rahmat Ali Khak Arf Mirlal, ShirMohammad, Molavi Aman Ali, Molavi Mohammad Jan, Molavi Nawazesh Ali, Molavi Mohammad Rostom Ali Khan, Haji Muhammad Salamah Rab, Mulla Sarfraz

"The fourth chapter of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan's book Athar-ul-Sanadid, in which he has recorded the circumstances of his contemporary companions of knowledge and skills, who were considered to be among the masters of Delhi at that time, this chapter of the book was in the first edition of Athar and later Syed Sahib dismissed it. Kishore was hiding in Lucknow..." (Ahmad Mian Akhtar Junagarhi, Qazi, Foreword, (Request) Content: Tazir Ahl-e-Delhi, p. 5)

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Imam Bakhsh Sehbai (1806) 1857) was a professor of Delhi College. He was an enlightened and outspoken man. As a great Persian writer and poet, he had great credibility. The books written by him remained included in the curriculum for a period of time. Sehbai helped Sir Syed a lot in writing "Athar-ul-Sanadid". Most of the princes of the fort used to take correction from them. He translated Shams-ud-Din Faqir's Hadaiq al-Balaghat into Urdu. Apart from this, many of his books are his memorials. He wrote a book on syntax, at the end of which urdu idioms and zarb-ul-aads are recorded, he was killed in the time of Ghadar.”

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