A Study Of Prem Chand As A Political And Social Novelist


  • Dr. Mohammad Ifzal But Head of Urdu Department G C Women University, Sialkot
  • Dr Sabeena Awais Dept. of Urdu GC women University Sialkot


Prem chand, Novels, bazar e Husn, Gosha e aafiyat, Nirmla, Political, Social


Generally, all genres of literature represent psychological, religious and social attitudes of people in their ages, however, this can clearly be envisaged in fiction. Within this genre of fiction, short story does not allow much flexibility because of its limitations and restrictions. Therefore, just like other international languages, in Urdu, novel is only such genre of literature that can capture all psychological and social issues with all the minute details of the modern age. This is the reason that if we want to know details about attitude and perceptions of people, we should take detailed readings of novels written in that particular age Prem Chnd demonstrated the power of his pen in both forms of fiction writing like novel and afsana. His afsana or novels belong to his time of social and political issues. His novels reflect the true glimpse of social life of his era. They reflect the soul, behavior and thought as well as feelings of people of his age. There exists the rare picture of social and political life which seems dynamic and alive in their specific cultural environment. The ideological and thoughtful behavior of Prem Chang mirrors in the background of act which the characters perform .This articale provides analysis of three novels (Bazar-e-Husn, Nirmla and Gosha-e-Aafiyat) of prem chand from socio-political prespective.


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